MBL Infrastructure Limited is a ISO 9001: 2015, 14001:2015, 45001:2018 certified Company


Technical expertise and execution capabilities

We have technical expertise and reputation for efficient and timely project management and execution. We believe that our expertise in project implementation provides us with a significant competitive advantage. Further, our technical expertise and execution capability enables us to position ourselves better to deal with construction or implementation risk. In addition, we have worked on projects were we believe that the time frame requirements of our clients were more aggressive than is customary for similar types of projects.

We were amongst the first batch of contractors to be awarded the contract for construction of North-South East-West corridor project of NHDP by NHAI and were the first one to complete the construction ahead of all other projects that were awarded in this first batch.

Own fleet of construction equipments

We own most of the construction equipments including sensor pavers, tandom rollers, soil compactors, stone crushers, loaders, excavators, motor graders, dozers, cranes etc and shuttering and centering plates.

We believe that ownership of equipments would result in several advantages like lower cost and rapid mobilization. Further, as we own sophisticated modern equipments, we believe that we have a competitive advantage.

Availability of raw material at cheaper cost

We take up quarries on lease, do mining and install crushers to produce stone aggregates at our project sites. Producing aggregates in-house enables us to control and ensure the quality and timely delivery of raw materials required for the projects. Having this captive capability, the availability of the bulk raw material at a cheaper cost is thus ensured.

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